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blowing wool insulation
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Blowing wool – Cellulose insulation


Made with natural fibres

Blowing wool is a bulk cellulose acoustic and thermal insulation that is made from recycled wood fibres and sprayed on. The resulting fibre is entirely natural in origin, which means it does not cause pollution and does not cause any irritation.

Cellulose fibre is an effective solution to the following problems:

• Heat loss in winter
• Accumulation of ice on the roof
• Premature deterioration of roof shingles
• Loss of fresh air in summer
• High heating costs

Cellulose insulation can be applied in both new and existing buildings, and is suitable for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

An advantageous solution

Blowing wool is eco-friendly and safe. It eliminates odours in the air, and is resistant to mould. Our insulation has a repelling property for small rodents, and prevents the spread of vermin. BENO-THERM products also offer superior fire resistance.

Quick installation

It will cost you very little of your time to enjoy all the benefits of cellulose insulation. In fact, installation takes as little as two hours for most single-family homes.

Whether it is for a renovation project or a new construction, contact us for all of your insulation work.
Since 1975
Urethane Supérieur de Québec recommends an insulation factor of R-40, which is equivalent to approximately 12” of blown wool. The building code recommends proper ventilation.