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Fireproofing – Fire barrier solutions


Superior protection against fire

Fireproofing is an application process that protects against fire. Uréthane Supérieur de Québec offers a full range of products that increase resistance to heat during a fire. We work with products that comply with UL-ULC Building Code standards and respect insurance company recommendations.

Our specialised applicators are accredited by the manufacturer, Grace Canada, which offers several cementitious products.

Monokote® MK-6 | Indoor steel thermal barrier

Monokote® Z-106

Monokote® Z-3306 | Plastic foam thermal barrier

Momokote® Z-146 | Outdoor steel thermal barrier

Retro-Guard® | Thermal barrier for steel with asbestos removal applications

These products can be painted if necessary. Standards and fire resistance capacity are specific to each product and each project. Our team of professionals will be able to advise you and give you the technical data sheets and MSDS for each product. Other products are also available for specific projects.

Intumescent paint

Intumescent paint coating is a flame-retardant product that is designed for application on steel, beams and columns. The thin layer of the final component is ideal for fireproofing structures that are intended to be visible. Fire resistance varies from one to three hours.

The intumescent coating boasts a high-quality finish that is sought after by many architects. This type of coating is recommended for the following applications:

• Theatre rooms
• Luxury condominiums
• Metro stations
• Industrial buildings

The product is UL-ULC tested and approved. The process is used with a variety of decorative finishes for optimal aesthetic results. Our applicators are certified by the manufacturers.