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It is important for your home to be well-insulated. Studies show that a well-insulated house could cut energy usage in half. Efficient thermal insulation will help reduce heat loss, lower your energy bill and result in big savings all year round. You can also take comfort in having a more consistent indoor temperature. High-performance insulation can prevent the following problems:

  • Cold walls and floors,
  • condensation at the base of the walls
  • mold Proper insulation can make a big difference.

Useful information

What is R-value: R-value evaluates the thermal resistance of the insulation per inch from 0 to +40. For example, a 10-inch insulating panel with a R-value of 4 per inch will have a total thermal resistance of 40. The higher the value, the more resistant to cold and heat the insulation will be.

⟴ Insulation in your home can make a big difference.

Did you know:


of all heat loss in a home occurs through the above-ground walls.


through the roof.


through the underground walls and the foundation.

The comfort of a well-insulated home

If you have a new construction or renovation project in mind, we will be happy to guide you in your choice of the perfect insulation solution. Here are some important things to consider to improve your comfort and reduce your energy consumption.

  • Insulating your home from the cellar to the attic will help eliminate cold walls, condensation and mold proliferation, thereby reducing your energy consumption.
  • Insulating material must be applied in a consistent fashion, ensuring full surface coverage during construction or renovation work.
  • Insulation must be installed to cover all joints and seams, such as the transitions between walls, ceilings and floors in contact with outside air.


Choose a winning isolation combination
⇥ A combination of urethane for walls, joists and basement;
⇥ Cellulose or blown wool for the roof.


Indeed, sprayed urethane offers a very high R value (6 per inch) and another advantage is that it adheres perfectly to all surfaces. Unlike other panel insulators, urethane adheres optimally to concrete and has no joints. Thus, it avoids the formation of mold, because it does not let in air or moisture.

Cellulose is the ultimate product for thermal roof insulation.Learn more here.

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