Waterproofing membranes – BlueSkin and Air-Bloc membranes

Sealing solutions – Air barriers and vapour barriers

At Uréthane Supérieur de Québec, we use a variety of waterproofing membranes from Henry® Company. Find out about the various available products. Membranes have a variety of characteristics that are specific to each project:

  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Foundations in flood prone areas
  • Indoor pools
  • Ceiling joints and edges
  • Connecting edges


High performance air barrier and vapour barrier

The Blueskin SA membrane is designed for use as a self-adhesive membrane, air barrier and vapour barrier. It is used primarily on masonry and concrete surfaces and on gypsum panels.

Thanks to its high resistance, it can also be used with Bakor liquid membranes as a connecting membrane where greater movement is expected. Blueskin is also used for connecting to the metallic surfaces of curtain walls, windows and doorframes.

Blueskin® SA | Self-adhesive membrane
Technical data sheet

Blueskin® TG | Thermofusible membrane
Technical data sheet

Air-Bloc 31
Technical data sheet

Air-Bloc 32
Technical data sheet

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