How do I know if my house is poorly insulated?

There are several signs that can help you determine the poor insulation of your home. Your heating and air conditioning bills give you a good idea of the quality of your insulation. Too high bills can be a warning sign of poor insulation. A poorly insulated house could also have high humidity, mold, or freezing plumbing.

Abnormally cold floors, animal infestations and condensation at the bottom of the walls are other potential signs. Finally, a poorly insulated house can give you the constant feeling of having a draft inside.

How much money can I save by isolating my home?

It is possible to save 20% to 25% on your bill by having your house well insulated. Good insulation reduces heat loss and thus improves your energy consumption. By investing in the insulation of your home, you will save money in the long term. The “Protégez-Vous” magazine has shown that some people waste up to $500 a year of energy due to poor insulation.

Why prioritize attic insulation?

Good attic insulation keeps the air conditioning and heat inside the house. The insulation of the attic helps to keep a constant temperature in the different rooms of the house. As the heat rises, it is better to ensure good insulation of the attic to avoid significant heat losses.

Why choose blown wool insulation?

Blown wool does not pollute or cause irritation. It can be applied between roofs, floors and walls. This is a very efficient economic choice! Blown wool is known for its great versatility. It can be used for all insulation work in all types of property. It is also a good choice.

What is the budget for the insulation of my home?

The budget may vary depending on the type of insulation chosen and the surfaces to be insulated. Get a free online quote on our website! This will give you a general idea of the costs associated with the work. You should know that we do insulation work for new construction, as well as for renovation projects.

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