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blowing wool insulation
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House insulation Montreal – Urethane or wool insulation

Uréthane Supérieur de Québec is a Laval-based insulation company servicing the Montreal area and offering industry-leading insulation solutions to clients from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Trust our products designed with the environment in mind and our team’s expertise that was proven time and time again!

Cellulose insulation

Blowing wool or cellulose insulation is in fact a blend of recycled wood fibres sprayed in a building’s walls or foundation. The result is a natural product that does not cause pollution and does not cause any irritation. Cellulose insulation can be applied both during the construction of a new building and the renovation of an existing building. Blowing wool (cellulose fibre) is a particularly effective and versatile solution to fight heat or air loss, reduce heating costs and much more.

Spray foam insulation

We use premium quality spray polyurethane foam for all our insulation projects. This product works in three ways: as an insulator, a vapour barrier and an air barrier. Spray polyurethane is widely used in residential, commercial or industrial buildings and has many different applications like crawl spaces, walls, foundations, ceilings and more. With its superior performance and durability, spray foam reduces heat losses, moisture and heating costs. It only needs to be applied once and is also very durable.

Urethane: an insulation leader in Laval and Montreal

Established in 1975, Uréthane Supérieur de Québec is an insulation company that works hard to meet the needs of its clients and to remain at the forefront of its industry. We work for clients who are looking for cutting-edge and ecofriendly insulation solutions in the North Shore and Montreal or Laval. Call our team of experts to handle all your spray foam insulation projects!